Immigration policy and the crisis faced by thousands at the U.S./Mexico border are complex and emotional issues.  The Immigrant Task Force at First UCC has worked to compile materials from the Minnesota Conference, the broader UCC, and other reliable sources in hopes that they will aid in our congregation's understanding of these issues and of our immigrant neighbors.  We also hope you find inspiration and hope in the work that is being done by so many to lift others up and make them feel welcomed.

Material and links will be updated with regularity as many of the situations surrounding this topic are extremely fluid.

Immigrants in Minnesota

Refugees in MN 

Inspiring Stories from MN Immigrants

Green Card Voices

Immigration in MN Facts & Figures

10 Immigration Stories to Watch in 2020

Border Town Impact

President Trump, Come to Willmar

Volunteers Share Language with Migrants Waiting for Chance of Asylum

SWAT Teams Being Sent Into So-Called Sanctuary Jurisdictions

UCC issues in the news: Immigration, climate activism top 2019 list

Community refugee support sways vote of North Dakota

U.S. detention, asylum policies heighten need for local church help



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