The 2016 annual meeting of our conference approved the Resolution calling on the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ and its Congregations to Covenant as Immigrant Welcoming Congregations. In 2017, the Thirty-first General Synod of the United Church of Christ approved the resolution On Becoming an Immigrant Welcoming Church.  

In January 2020, members of First UCC's Council in Northfield unanimously granted approval for the church's Immigrant Task Force to explore and work to recommend that our church become an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation.

By working toward this goal, we are committing to building relationships across barriers, educating ourselves, advocating for human rights and we will work to accompany our immigrant neighbors in times of need. 

Our hope is that this site will serve as a portal of engagement and information for our congregation and also as a reminder that except for our indigenous sisters and brothers, we in the United States are all descended from immigrants, whether voluntary or involuntary. Caught once again in an era of intolerance, we must never forget that welcoming the stranger has been a blessing for us all and that this journey is one we need to make by walking together.

 from the United Church of Christ